Black Marble

Alexandre Black is a black marble with snow-white veins. It is used in many areas of construction and decoration, relevant black and white colours will bring elegance to any project. Alexandre Black is popular for lining walls and floors, as well for the creation of exquisite tabletops and fireplace portals. Alexandre Black is ideal for creating a modern interior by applying for both small details and big size slabs.Belvedere is an exotic granite features a black background with massive veins of orange and gold, which are “printed out” on the surface of the slab. Belvedere is suitable for almost any space in the house, such as bathroom vanity, kitchen countertop and backsplash, fireplace. Its resistance makes this granite an excellent choice for indoor projects and most outdoor solutions. Belvedere is a great way to visual improvement of your home. If you are looking for a type natural stone that can make a bold impression, Belvedere can be just what you are looking for.Black Ice marble is an impressive and spectacular stone originally from China. Its glossy silver-black pattern excites the imagination and reminds of a deep black colour night sky covered with a thin veil of barely perceptible grey clouds floating on it. Thanks to combination of shades of Black Ice marble looks luxuriously in the interior decoration of walls, floors, countertops, stairs and fireplaces. As well, Black Ice is applicable to be used for the manufacture of decorative elements.