Brown Marble

Dark Emperador is famous and outstanding Spanish marble, which for many years stays a desirable stone for decoration. Dark Emperador marble draws significant attention thanks to its dark brown background covered by the web of lighter veins. In any space of your house, it will provide the feeling of style and distinction. A quality of Dark Emperador is highly appreciated by architects and interior designers. It is use for lining walls and floors, bathroom vanity, countertops, fireplace, windowsills, stairs, hall passages and many others. Eramosa is a natural stone slightly resembles Serpegiante marble. Eramosa has lineal pattern similar to cut of wood with its fiber structure. The secret of its beauty is not only burn mark of horizontal thin veins but as well its warm brown-cream tint. Eramosa marble with its attractive texture can become an exquisite base of any interior or exterior, which allows using to face the floor and walls, create stairs, bathroom vanity, countertops and use it as elements of decoration. Royal Brown marble has similar to Magic Brown marble appearance. The pattern of Royal Brown has wide close to each other tined stripes consisted from thin lineal slightly wavy veins with the range of colours from brownish-grey to light brown shades. Wherever you apply this stone it will bring the feeling of peace and calmness, as well it may draw your space looking bigger due to its horizontal lineal pattern. Royal Brown can be used for many applications in interior design such as tabletops, windowsills, backsplashes, wall and floor lining, bathrooms, stairs and etc.