Fusion is the most beautiful colors that can be found in a truly wonderful stone; It is a granite that contains various blues, whites, grays and brown tones. Its origin is Brazil. And in some places it is also known as fire granite.

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As the name suggests, this stone is a true color "fusion". There are three main colors that make up the bulk of this stone. However, no two plates are exactly alike. For these reasons, Fusion granite is said to have the highest level of variation of any granite type. One of the best things about this stone is that Fusion granite can be easily integrated into it, no matter what color scale you have in your concept.
The first primary color is a striking gray. This can range from very light gray to medium gray. Grays will often turn into a striking deep green color in certain places, which will add a lot of interest to this color of the stone alone. Gray will generally not be a uniform color and many different gray bands or waves will be present.

The second main color of this complex granite is brown. And these brown colors can vary greatly in hue….
Some sections may be light white brown, others golden yellow – some may be rusty brown, others dark chocolate brown. Most slabs of this stone will contain all these shades of brown and again they will be in wavy flowing patterns – but it's impossible to say which brown will be more common than the others.
The final primary color is a striking cream or off-white color. Again varying hues will be present and they will again appear in wavy lines and patterns.
What you can be sure of is that your stone will contain all three primary colors. But other than that, everything could be different.
Some boards may have a dominant gray color with little brown and cream in them. Others may be the opposite and may be almost entirely cream colored and a bit gray. Or you can get a mixture of all three colors in equal measure.

The intricate patterns and intense appearance of this stone make it highly desirable.
Fusion granite is often too expensive to be used as a floor tile. It goes without saying that incredibly powerful and intricate patterns dominate every room they are used in.
It doesn't matter in which area it is used - this stone will dominate the space in which it is located.

It is also referred to by the following names;
• Fusion Wow
• Fusion Blue
• Fusion
• Fusion
• Fusion Wow marble
• Fusion Blue marble
• Fuzion marble
• Fusion marble
• Fusion Wow quatzite
• Fusion Blue quatzite
• Fuzion quatzite
• Fusion quatzite
• Fusion quartzite
• Green marble
• Fusion granite

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