Grizio Orobico

For centuries, marble has been a symbol of prosperity, offering a sophisticated look and artistry that make it a classic choice. Grizio Orobico is one of these unique marbles. Its intense and vivid mixture of colours ranging from dark gray, black with goldish veins, russet and white. This one-of-a-kind stone features dramatic and sweeping movements which brings an aura of elegancy and exclusivity to any indoor or outdoor project.

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Grizio Orobico

Grizio Orobico a unique marble with one of a kind pattern. Orobico marble itself has a lot of varieties of colors from dark brown-black to reddish-sienna. All the types are being extracted in Italy, there is no marble which even closely repeats or reminds the distinctive pattern of Grizio Orobico. Its veins are wave-like starting from one side of the slab flow round to the other side resembling to ebb and flow of the ocean. The thin goldish lines crossing the surface of the dark almost black background gives a particular sense of refinement and style. Whenever you apply Grizio Orobico it will become an interesting addition to any interior.

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