Other Colors, Semi Precious Stones

Amazonia marble is a natural stone with mixture of white, grey, black colors with unique green pattern. Due to its high aesthetic properties, it is an excellent material for various facing and decorative works. Amazonia marble is stunning and admirable beautiful material for creative applying in interiors. Azul Macabus is a Brazilian quartzite with lots of blue veins on a light blue background. The variety shades of blue with dark and light veining making it a truly unique piece of art. Its rich blue colour is given by a very rare mineral, called dumortierite. Azul Macaubas is ideal to decorate both indoor and outdoor environments. This quartzite is a high resistant material which doesn't deteriorate over the time; especially suitable for countertops, floors and claddings. Azul Macaubas is a stone with a classic shade that combines with all types of environments, making them lighter and at the same time elegant. Sodalite Blue is granite originally quarried in Brazil. It is one of the most luxurious stones. Deep blue colour with white veining gives rich and expressive texture. Blue saturation in different areas of the stone can flow from indigo to a dark, almost black tint. Sometimes Sodalite Blue can be mixed up Lapis Azul. Lemurian features a deep blue-green background accented with spectacular labradorite elements, ranging in color from vibrant sea blue to green and gold. Originally Lemurian comes from Madagascar island. A distinctive feature of Lemurian Blue is irization, it is an optical effect in the form of a rainbow color glow with bright lighting. This stone is especially good for counter tops and bar tops, Interior wall panels. It’s jewel-encrusted look is a main point in creating a luxurious ambience, or adding decorative beauty and elegance to indoor design solutions.