Palissandro Classic

Palissandro marble is legendary Italian marble. It has a rich texture, pleasant milky fine-grained background and big variety of patterns. For example Palissandro Avellano veins are cappuccino and espresso, they draw the stone diagonally sometimes turning curvy, creating a strict pattern. The shape of the veins is such that Palissandro Avellano reminds the structure of a tree. At the same time Palissandro Royal marble is completely different. It is a gentle blue marble with light pinkish brown and beige wavy divorces. Palissandro Royal is very tender pattern sometimes reminds light sea wave. Aside from these two types, we also can name Palissandro Classic marble, which is nice mixture of patterns of Palissandro Avellano and Palissandro Royal. On the blue coloured background there are the same wooden like curvy wave veins.

Palissandro Classic Youtube

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