Rain Forest Gold

Rain Forest is a fashionable Indian marble presented in three different tones of brown, green and goldish yellow. It has various shades of brown and grey with a unique deep red-brown colour and accents of white veins in its surface, which resembles a branch of a tree. Rain Forest Green is a unique moorish-green marble, shaded with a net of orange, white and brown veins. The pattern of Rain Forest Green is giving an effect of green forest. It will become a memorable decoration in interior design. At the same time, Rain Forest Brown is a kind of exotic light brown marble. The surface of the stone is randomly cut with dark brown and beige veins. The pattern is similar to fracture. Rain Forest Gold among other colours of this marble has the softest and most even colour scheme, which provides it with versatility in use. Moreover, the original luxurious appearance of Rain Forest Gold gives the feeling of elegance and aristocracy to the space. All the ions of Rain Forest marble can be used for interior decoration of rooms - steps, countertops, windowsills and facing tiles, tabletops and fireplaces, wall and floor applications, architectural details and other design projects.

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