Why Marble In Interior Design?

Hello dear reader. You already know a little bit about us from the previous article. Even each of us started different ways in marble business, but all of us have one common thing, at least one, we love what we do. This is amazing feeling when you wake up in the morning and don’t think with disgust that you should go to work, more over vice versa, you feel happy already started making the plan for today and coming week. So today, we are going to talk about applying marble in interior design and maybe you, our reader, will understand why we like our job.


Nowadays the average price of marble starts with 45-50 usd for sq.m., some of them even cheaper. Seems quite affordable, isn’t it? Obviously final price depends a lot from the quality, cut-to-size works and, for sure, the type of the marble itself.

If after all doubts you decided to use natural stone in your project of interior design, whoever you ask which is the most known, and maybe the most used marble, definitely among the titles you may hear Italians´ marbles such as Bianco Carrara, Calacatta, Arabescato and Greek ones as Sivec, Tasos, Volakas. All these are white marbles with its own unique memorable pattern that will always make you feel a certain something…

If so…how to install??? It is another one very important issue you may face after you’ve chosen your white Carrara marble or any other fitting to your design. Nowadays due to high professionalism of workers of the sector, it is not a problem anymore. There are many installation companies with good facilities and water-jet machines, which are able to translate into reality the boldest dreams, the only thing you need to do is “to choose”.