Calacatta Rosso Venato

Rosso Venato Marble, a type of white marble characterized by its sharp veined lines, is a popular decorative stone, especially for spaces where minimalism, one of the design trends of the last century, is used. Adapting to many interior designs, from walls to countertops, from floor designs to sinks, this magnificent marble has adorned various architectural designs such as government buildings, art galleries, artistic structures and fountains.

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Calacatta Rosso Venato

Rosso Venato Marble is a white background type with red-brown veined marble quarried. Rosso Venato Marble is especially suitable for use in sinks, monuments, pools, thresholds, ornamental stone, interior cladding, exterior cladding, wall cladding, flooring, paving and other design projects. It is also called Rosa Venato Marble. Rosso Venato Marble can also be used as polished, honed or other surface treatment.

Also known as;

  • Calacatta Rosso Venato Marble
  • Rosso Venato Marble
  • Roso Venato Marble
  • Rosa Venato Marble
  • Dolomito
  • Red dolomit
  • Red dolomite

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