Volakas Flower Marble

Volakas Flower’s home region is Greece. The pattern is nice and smoother than Volakas. The veins are not intense and scattered all over the surface of the marble randomly. In book-match your imagination can draw a pattern of flower on the surface of the stone, so thin and elegant the veins are. Its properties and composition are ensuring that Volakas Flower can be used with the same ease in exterior or interior applications.

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Volakas Flower Marble

Volakas flower marble is one of the most fashionable Greek marbles all over the world at a time when the trend is shifting towards white/gray colored stones.
Volakas Flower, which is not as well known as the Diagonal variety, is called by this name because of its vein shape. Volakas marbles from different quarries tend to have different patterns. However, the dominant color is white ground or brown with gray veins. In addition, veins can be thicker or thinner within the same stone. In some cultivars the background is dominant, while in other cultivars it is the vein that differentiates the most.
Volakas is a dolomite marble in terms of mineral composition. It differs from other dolomites according to the type of vein and therefore it is given different names. Its technical characteristics are similar to other dolomites. Resistance to abrasion is superior because it has more flexibility. In large blocks, care must be taken not to bend the plates.

Also known as;

  • Volakas Marble
  • Volakas Semi White Marble
  • Volakas Flower A1
  • Volakas White Marble
  • Dramas White Iktinos Marble

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