Calacatta Vagli

Calacatta Vagli Marble CalacattaVagli is a marble consisting of irregular gray veins in different directions on a white background. Due to this natural structure of the stone, it shows a different movement on each plate. It is almost impossible to find the same texture elsewhere . This feature makes CalacattaVagli unique. There are two different types, Standard and Gold.

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Calacatta Vagli

Preferred Places for the Use of Calacatta Vagli Marble:
Due to its tissue mobility, it is more likely to be used in small or medium-sized works. It allows you to achieve a very stylish appearance in narrow areas such as kitchen counters, bathroom counters, floor and wall coverings. At the same time, the fact that it is more affordable than other Calacatta varieties makes it stand out in the preference of Calacatta Vagli.

Thickness Dimensions:
Standard plate thicknesses are 2 cm. However, our company can supply different thicknesses and sizes such as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm based on the project needs.

• Honed • Polished • Flamed • Tumbled/patinato • Sandblasted • Bush Hammered • Acidwashed (Antico/acidwashed)

Calacatta Vagli marble also known as;

•    Calacatta Vagli Oro 
•    Calacatta Vagli Oro Vena
•    Calacatta Vagli Extra
•    Calacatta Vagli Venato
•    Calacata Vagli
•    Calacatta Vagli Marble
•    Calacatta Macchia Oro

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