Thassos Marble

Thassos Marble is named after the Greek island of Thassos, where it was mined. Origin: It is a type of marble that is mentioned in the Greece White Marble collection. It is also known as snow white.

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Thassos Marble

Thassos Marble

It is also known as snow white because it is one of the whitest marbles in the world. With its white ground density, it is the stone that is produced in the highest quantity as ion all over the world. Generally, Thassos Marble ions are preferred as the main application stone in luxury projects. It reflects the simplicity and bright appearance as it does not have vein entrances. It is a stone that is mostly preferred by architects because of this feature.

Antalya Thassos Marble

Thassos stone is excellent for many home uses. White thassos marble countertops are a gorgeous material for any kitchen, but you can also find more kitchens that feature a pristine thassos marble backsplash.

You can find our Thassos Marble ions, which are highly preferred due to these features, in our Antalya, Istanbul Sancaktepe, Ataşehir and Beylikdüzü warehouses.

Known As;

  • Thassos White MarbleThassos Extra White
  • White of Thassos
  • Bianco Thassos
  • Thassos Limenas White
  • Thassos Waterfall
  • Thassos Snow White
  • Thassos Red Lines
  • White of Limenas Thassos
  • Thassos Pure White
  • Athos White
  • Blanco Thasos
  • Blanco Thassos
  • Bianco Taxos
  • Branco Thassos
  • Thassos White
  • White Thassos
  • Bái shuǐjīng.


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